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Oct 22,2022

Working with Steel and Pipes: 5 Safety Tips 

At IM Steel, we are a leading distributor of steel products, including steel pipes, in Illinois and nationally. Our products meet quality expectations and we always prioritize the customer experience. Once our steel products make it into a customer’s hands, we always hope that safety will be a number one priority. For workers working with steel and pipes, here are five safety tips to keep top of mind—

1. Properly Inspect Tools and Work Area

Before any work begins on a project, it’s important to properly inspect all tools and the work area first. Many tools that are used to cut steel pipes and other steel products have the potential to cause severe injuries if not used properly.

2. Proper Training

In addition to inspecting a work area and all materials, workers should be trained regarding safe operation of any equipment, tools, and machinery. Site supervision is also important. When it comes to managing and working with steel products, including steel pipes, it’s important that workers know what weights they’re handling, that enough workers are available for each job, and that products are transported according to the best safety standards.

3. Proper Handling

Proper handling of steel products is a byproduct of proper training and proper use of tools. For example, trucks that are used in transporting steel should be equipped with a catwalk that features grab rails for safe loading and unloading. Additionally, when loading or unloading steel products, stanchion pins should be left in place.

4. Proper Storage

Once steel products are unloaded or transported to a job site, it’s important that they are properly stacked and stored to prevent an accident. The use of appropriate storage racks for steel storage is recommended for steel pipes when they are not in use. In addition to storage racks, pipe chocks and bumper rings can also be useful in properly storing steel products.

5. Correct Safety Gear

Not only should workers be properly trained and use the right safety equipment and handling techniques, but it’s also important to ensure that workers are wearing the right safety gear, which can help to prevent severe injury should an accident occur. Proper boots, google, hard hats, and gloves should be worn at all times.

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