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Nov 16,2022

What Is Steel Billet?

Raw steel in its pure form isn’t much good to anyone—it’s only once the steel has been shaped that it is useful for businesses in various industries, ranging from construction to manufacturing and dozens of others. At IM Steel, we are a leading supplier of steel billet in Illinois and nationwide. To order your bulk steel billet today or learn more about our product or company, reach out to us directly by phone or online at your convenience.

What Are Steel Billets?

Steel billet, sometimes referred to as steel ingot, is the product of melting iron ore or scrap iron, and is considered the second product in the steel production phase. Steel billets are not to be confused with steel bars—bars are long products that may be rectangular, hexagonal, round, or square. Billets, on the other hand, are the feedstock for long products; steel bills are steel that is in a semi-finished state and shaped into a bar or rectangle to be used for the formation of different shapes that are more practical.

Our Steel Billet Stock Products

For our industrial partners in Illinois and nationwide, we offer semi-finished billet stock. Our steel billets have a height of five inches, a length of 40 or 50 feet, and a width of five inches. These steel billets are strong and durable—we know that you need steel billets that won’t crack or fracture, and we guarantee our product. We inspect all of our steel billets prior to sale to ensure that no damage occured during the heating and cooling process.

You’ll Love Working with IM Steel

When you choose IM Steel for your steel billet needs, you’re choosing a company with integrity. Reasons that you’ll love working with us include:

  • We prioritize honesty in all of our interactions—we’ll always give you a fair and accurate quote and are upfront and open about our products;
  • We can stage and fill an order within 24 hours of receiving it, meaning that you never have to experience unreasonable delays in shipping due to our fulfillment services;
  • In addition to steel billets, we also offer numerous other steel products to meet your business’s needs; and
  • We can deliver our products anywhere within the U.S. via rail and truck.

Call Us Today to Learn More

For industrial businesses that depend on steel billet for operations, IM Steel is a top supplier near you. To learn more about steel billet and how to place your order directly today, reach out to us online or by phone. We are here for you!

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