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Apr 17,2022

What Is Flat Steel Plate? 

Many businesses in the construction, manufacturing, and agricultural industries rely on flat steel plates to get work done. At IM Steel, we are a leading flat steel plate supplier. Here’s an overview of what you should know about flat steel plate, how it’s used, how it’s made, and why we’re a leading steel plate supplier in Illinois—

What Is Flat Steel Plate?

Steel plate is often called flat steel. As such, the terms steel plate, flat steel plate, and flat steel are all used interchangeably. Steel plate is a material that is used to create other metal products. It’s manufactured in different dimensions and gauges, which means it comes in different lengths, widths, and thicknesses. Then, the steel plate is welded together to create a final product. There are different types of flat steel, including carbon steel plates and stainless steel plates.

How Is Steel Plate Made?

Steel plate is made by rolling high-temperature steel into sheets, and then allowing layer upon layer of the steel to be compressed, ultimately forming a single sheet. When the sheet cools, it hardens into a usable piece of steel plate.

Uses of Flat Steel Plate

As mentioned above, steel plates are used in various industries. Some of the top uses of steel plate include:

  • Anchoring steel beams
  • Manufacturing heavy equipment
  • Manufacturing of ship hulls
  • Manufacturing of everyday items
  • Construction of buildings

Of course, this list is not inclusive. Dozens of businesses in various industries use flat steel plates!

Our Steel Plate Supplier

At IM Steel, we are a leading supplier of flat, mild carbon steel plates. We serve businesses in various industries throughout Illinois and the surrounding areas—in fact, we’re able to ship products nationally! Our steel plates are priced by weight, come in various dimensions, and are cut to length at no drop to the customer. We are able to stage and fill an order within 24 hours of receiving it, which means that there are no delays. We also offer carbon steel plates, which are stronger and more resistant to corrosion and rust than are stainless steel plates.

Call IM Steel Directly Today

If your business uses flat plate as part of its production operations, make sure you’re getting the highest quality steel plate available from a steel plate supplier you can trust. At IM Steel, we are a leader in the steel plate industry. Call us directly today to learn more about our steel plate offerings.

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