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Steel Plates

Steel Plate Offering

Flat mild steel plate offering is always in stock and ready to ship! Contact Us or Request A Quote for steel plate in bulk supply today.

  • Flat mild steel plate
  • Inventory is updated regularly for steel plate offering
  • Steel plate dimensions, quantity in stock, and pricing by weight (cwt = hundredweight)
  • Subject to Prior Sale
  • All Prices F.O.B. Bourbonnais, IL – or – F.O.B. Pendergrass, GA

Steel Plate Offering In Stock

DimensionsPlate In StockPricing by Weight
.250 x 96/97 x 3602$72.95 /cwtRequest A Quote
.250 x 120/121 x 360/3616$72.95 /cwtRequest A Quote
.375 x 96/97 x 1202$72.95 /cwtRequest A Quote
.375 x 97 x 3609$73.95 /cwtRequest A Quote
.500 x 96 x 24214$73.95 /cwtRequest A Quote
.500 x 120/121 x 360/3617$73.95 /cwtRequest A Quote
.500 x 97 x 3601$73.95 /cwtRequest A Quote
5/8 x 96 x 120/1222$72.95 /cwtRequest A Quote
5/8 x 97/98 x 239/2417$73.95 /cwtRequest A Quote
¾ x 96/97 x 240/24315$73.95 /cwtRequest A Quote
.750 x 120/121 x 240/24311$75.95 /cwtRequest A Quote
.875 x 96/97 x 240/24414$73.95 /cwtRequest A Quote
1.0 x 84/85 x 240/24211$72.95 /cwtRequest A Quote
1.0 x 96 x 242/24314$73.95 /cwtRequest A Quote
1.0 x 120 x 241/24310$75.95 /cwtRequest A Quote
1.0 x 120/121 x 483/4845$75.95 /cwtRequest A Quote
1.25 x 84 x 2412$72.95 /cwtRequest A Quote
1.25/1.26 x 96/97 x 240/24214$73.95 /cwtRequest A Quote
1.25 x 120.5 x 240/2439$75.95 /cwtRequest A Quote
1.50 x 85 x 481/4822$72.95 /cwtRequest A Quote
1.50 x 96/97 x 240/2437$72.95 /cwtRequest A Quote
1.50 x 96/97 x 481/4837$72.95 /cwtRequest A Quote
1.66/1.665 x 96/98 x 240/2424$72.95 /cwtRequest A Quote
1.75/1.765 x 96/102 x 120/1214$72.95 /cwtRequest A Quote
1.75 x 96/96.5 x 241/2444$73.95 /cwtRequest A Quote
2.0 x 97 x 120/1226$73.95 /cwtRequest A Quote
2.0/2.02 x 96/97 x 240/2446$74.95 /cwtRequest A Quote
2.25 x 96/97 x 240/2436$75.95 /cwtRequest A Quote
2.25 x 121 x 4811$76.95 /cwtRequest A Quote
2.50 x 96/97 x 240/2438$75.95 /cwtRequest A Quote
2.50 x 96/96.5 x 4812$75.95 /cwtRequest A Quote
2.50 x 121 x 240/2412$76.95 /cwtRequest A Quote
2.75 x 121 x 2412$76.95 /cwtRequest A Quote
2.77 x 97 x 2431$75.95 /cwtRequest A Quote
3.0 x 48 x 2412$74.95 /cwtRequest A Quote
3.0 x 72 x 240/2436$74.95 /cwtRequest A Quote
3.0 x 96/100.75 x 240/2447$76.95 /cwtRequest A Quote
3.0 x 121 x 4821$77.95 /cwtRequest A Quote
4.475 x 96 x 239.5/2401$80.95 /cwtRequest A Quote
.275 x 97 x 1802$65.95 /cwtRequest A Quote
.385 x 97 x 272/2732$65.95 /cwtRequest A Quote
.385 x 84/85 x 2909$65.95 /cwtRequest A Quote
.500 x 97 x 2321$65.95 /cwtRequest A Quote
.500 x 108/109 x 480/4824$65.95 /cwtRequest A Quote
.625 x 97 x 1444$65.95 /cwtRequest A Quote
.750 x 96/97 x 142/1455$71.95 /cwtRequest A Quote
.750 x 97 x 224/2272$71.95 /cwtRequest A Quote
.750 x 85 x 1702$71.95 /cwtRequest A Quote
.875 x 96 x 190/1912$71.95 /cwtRequest A Quote
.875 x 96/97 x 1992$71.95 /cwtRequest A Quote
.875 x 108 x 470/4717$71.95 /cwtRequest A Quote
.955/.965 x 95 x 120/1214$69.95 /cwtRequest A Quote
.985 x 77 x 1206$69.95 /cwtRequest A Quote
.985 x 85 x 3052$71.95 /cwtRequest A Quote
1 x 73 x 16012$71.95 /cwtRequest A Quote
1 x 77/78 x 120/1214$71.95 /cwtRequest A Quote
1 x 96 x 131/1322$71.95 /cwtRequest A Quote
1.25 x 93 x 2071$71.95 /cwtRequest A Quote
1.27 x 72/73 x 158/1598$71.95 /cwtRequest A Quote
1.50 x 86 x 2401$71.95 /cwtRequest A Quote
1.50 x 86 x 2401$71.95 /cwtRequest A Quote
1.50 x 97 x 3391$71.95 /cwtRequest A Quote
1.75 x 120 x 3161$71.95 /cwtRequest A Quote
2.0 x 97 x 126/1282$71.95 /cwtRequest A Quote
2.0 x 96 x 3291$71.95 /cwtRequest A Quote
2.25 x 73 x 2203$72.95 /cwtRequest A Quote
2.275 x 117/118 x 4292$72.95 /cwtRequest A Quote
2.50 x 70 x 4361$72.95 /cwtRequest A Quote
2.50 x 97 x 1921$72.95 /cwtRequest A Quote
2.75 x 85 x 2331$72.95 /cwtRequest A Quote
2.75 x 97 x 2531$72.95 /cwtRequest A Quote
2.77 x 97 x 1711$72.95 /cwtRequest A Quote
3.0 x 85 x 1681$73.95 /cwtRequest A Quote
3.0 x 84.5 x 2311$73.95 /cwtRequest A Quote
3.0 x 97 x 1581$73.95 /cwtRequest A Quote
3.0/3.061 x 97 x 192/1933$74.95 /cwtRequest A Quote

We Are a Leading Supplier of Steel Plate Stock Throughout North America

We offer steel plates in bulk supply and serve a multitude of companies in various industries nationwide. If your business needs to buy steel plates in bulk, we can help. Our facility is located just south of Chicago, and we will ship steel products to anywhere within the United States. Reach out to us today to learn more about our different steel plate choices and pricing options.

Steel Plate Applications

Steel plates are defined as those that have a thickness that is much more substantial than a steel sheet (typically at least .2300” or more). Because steel plates are thicker than steel sheets, they are used in applications that require greater durability and strength. Due to its versatility, carbon steel plates are some of the most commonly used materials in various industries, including manufacturing, construction, and other industrial applications. As a note, steel plates with a higher carbon content are harder and are therefore useful in jobs that require especially durable steel plates. Carbon steel plates are considered the highest-quality steel plates in the industry and are corrosion resistant. Their strength makes them a perfect choice for companies within the construction industry.

Our Steel Plate Offerings and Services

When you partner with IM Steel, you can count on top-notch services. You can view our extensive list of steel plate offerings that we have in stock now below, as well as pricing by weight relevant to each distinct steel plate product. Keep in mind that we update our inventory listing frequently, and strive to keep as many steel plate products in stock as possible so that you never have to wait an unreasonable amount of time for your order to be fulfilled. We offer steel plates in various sizes and thicknesses to ensure that you can find exactly what you’re looking for to get the job done.

Industries We Serve

Steel is a critical product for businesses and contractors in various industries; steel is the backbone of development and construction and is a product that everyone relies on for infrastructure, machinery, and basic comforts and conveniences. We have been working with businesses in the agricultural industry, counterweight manufacturing industry, construction industry, steel service industry, and heavy equipment and machinery industry, amongst others, for years. We are a leading supplier of steel plates and other steel products, including steel coils, steel billets, and steel pipes and tubing.

Working with Us Is Convenient and Stress-Free

When you choose IM Steel as your steel plate supplier of choice, you can count on getting the exact product you ordered with your exact specifications satisfied; having your order filled and staged within 24 hours of it being placed, and shipping and transportation to any location within the U.S. by rail or truck.

We prioritize customer satisfaction and will go above and beyond to ensure you are happy with your order and our services. We work quickly to resolve any concerns or complaints.

Learn More About Our Steel Plate Offerings Today

To learn more about our steel plate offerings from IM Steel, please reach out to us today by calling 877-936-4500 or using the contact form on our website to send us a message. We look forward to partnering with you.

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