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Steel Pipes

We Are a Leading Supplier of Steel Pipe Stock Throughout North America

Referring to long, hollow tubes that are made out of steel and that are used in a variety of different industries, steel pipes are produced by either stretching raw steel into a seamless tube, or by curling steel, forcing the edges together, and then sealing those edges with welding.

If your business needs steel pipes, we sell steel pipes in various sizes for a myriad of applications, and always have steel pipes in stock and ready to ship. Reach out to IM Steel, Inc. today to learn how we can be of service.

Industries and Businesses We Serve

Steel pipes are used by businesses in various industries throughout the world, and in the United States, steel pipes are one of the most commonly used steel products. These pipes are versatile, strong, durable, and highly functional, and are therefore used in everything from underground plumbing applications to bicycle frame and automobile manufacturing to home and building construction to heating and duct applications and more. Indeed, construction companies, companies within the manufacturing industry, agricultural manufacturing companies, auto manufacturers, appliance and goods manufacturers, and more all rely on steel pipes to get the job done.

Characterizing Steel Pipes: Purchasing the Right Pipes for Your Business

Because steel pipes come in a variety of different thicknesses and lengths and can be either seamless or welded, there is often confusion about how steel pipes are classified based on their specifications. When you work with us, you can count on a team that will fully hear what you say when describing your steel pipe needs and will fill your order based on national specification standards set by organizations like The American Society for Testing and Materials and The American Society of Mechanical Engineers. We consider these standards when filling your order and ensuring that you get the exact:

  • Steel pipe size you want (referring to pipe diameter);
  • Steel pipe schedule you want (referring to pipe thickness, as well as the strength and durability of the steel pipe); and
  • Steel pipe weight that you want.

You can refer to the following table to learn more about steel pipe standard dimensions.

Why Buy from IM Steel, Inc.?

When you buy from IM Steel, you are choosing a leader in the steel distribution industry. We serve industries throughout North America and are committed to fulfilling orders on time and to a customer’s exact specifications. When you call us or place an order online, we have the ability to fill and stage the order within 24 hours, and guarantee delivery to anywhere within the United States by truck or rail. What’s more, we also offer a variety of other steel products in bulk, such as steel plates, billets, coils, and tubing, which means that we can be your one-stop-shop for all of your industrial steel products. We are able to deliver various products of various sizes in one order.

Place Your Order for Steel Pipes Today

To place your order for your company’s steel pipes today, please call us directly at 877-936-4500. If you have questions about our products or pricing, you can use the contact form on our website to send us a message, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Trust us with all of your bulk steel pipe needs.

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