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Steel Gauges

We Are a Leading Supplier of Steel Guage Stock Throughout North America

For those who are not in the construction or manufacturing industry, the term “steel gauge” may sound as though it is referring to a specific product or tool, such as a screw or steel plate. For experts in the industry, though, the fact that “gauge” is not a separate product, but a unit of measurement, is well understood. At IM Steel, Inc., our experienced steel plate provider is able to offer multiple gauges to fit your needs, deliver products all in one truckload, and always make on-time delivery. Reach out to us at our Midwest location today to learn more about our steel plate and other steel products and services, as well as pricing.

What Is a Standard Gauge?

Measuring steel plates, coils, and other steel materials demands uniformity in the industry; unlike T-shirts or shoes, being delivered a product that doesn’t meet uniform sizing standards could cost a company time, money, and business. Which is why U.S. law has mandated a measurement system for the purpose of security uniformity for sheet and plate iron and steel in the United States. For example, a gauge of “0000000” (seven zeros) refers to an approximate thickness, in fractions of an inch, of .5. Similarly, a gauge reading of “1” refers to an approximate thickness of 9/32 of an inch. The higher the number, the thinner the sheet of metal. Typically, steel sheet metal gauges that are commonly used run from seven to 30 gauge. The relevant U.S. law and the corresponding chart with gauge thicknesses can be accessed online.

Uses of Steel Sheet Metal and Steel Plates

Sheet metal (which can be rolled into coils) and steel plates are used in a variety of different industries throughout the world, including the automotive industry, aircraft manufacturing industry, construction industry, agriculture industry, equipment and appliance manufacturing industry, and more. Because many of these industries rely on precise and specific sheet metal/steel plate measurements for construction, development, or manufacture, it is critical that these industries can count on products being formed to the exact gauge requested.

Our Midwest Steel Gauge Supplier Team Always Delivers

At IM Steel, we stock mild carbon plates starting at .25 inch and ranging to six inches – these plates are tested and certified. We also offer steel coils of various thicknesses and widths. When you order any of our products, you can count on your order being filled and staged within 24 hours, on our ability to provide and deliver multiple gauges to fit your needs, and on our promise to deliver to any location within the United States by truck or rail from our Midwest location.

Learn More About Our Steel Products and Various Gauges Today

To learn more about our various steel products and the gauges in which they are offered, or to place a large bulk order today, please call us at 877-936-4500, send us an email at mail@imsteel.net, or use the contact form on our website to send us a message requesting product or pricing information. We are a trusted company located outside of Chicago serving industries throughout North America, and we are eager to partner with you.

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