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Steel Coils

We Are a Leading Supplier of Steel Coil Stock Throughout North America

If your industry demands the use of steel coils, our steel coil supplier can help. Serving states throughout the nation, IM Steel, Inc. has steel coils available in different sizes and grades, and always prioritizes the customer experience. Reach our team at our Illinois office today to learn more about our steel coils and the services we can offer you.

Our Steel Coils from IM Steel, Inc.

Steel coils refer to sheets of flattened metal that have been rolled, or coiled, with the width of the sheet being much greater than the thickness.

Steel coils are used by various industries, as this type of metal is ideal for building panels, walls, roof panels, power stations, ships, and various other projects and construction undertakings. In addition to different sizes of steel coils, there are also two different primary types:

  • Cold-rolled steel coils. Cold-rolled steel is a more finished product that not only looks nicer, having a more finished surface but is also more durable than is hot-rolled steel. This steel is created by further processing hot-rolled steel. Cold-rolled steel is superior in performance compared to hot-rolled steel but may be harder to manipulate than hot-rolled steel due to a higher carbon content.
  • Hot-rolled steel coils. A hot-rolled steel coil is formed almost exactly as its name implies: the steel is rolled at a high temperature, which makes the steel easier to manipulate, resulting in a product that is easier to work with. Because there is less processing involved in the manufacturing of hot-rolled steel, it is typically much less expensive than cold-rolled steel coils.

High-Quality Steel Coils from IM Steel

Regardless of the type of steel coil that your company is purchasing, nor the size of the steel coils, we guarantee a high-quality product that will deliver precisely what you’re looking for. When you order from our Illinois-based team, we will be precise and careful in fulfilling your order, delivering a product that is exactly as requested. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

Industries We Work With

We work with companies in various industries throughout North America and are happy to create custom steel coils for your business. Most of our customers are operating in the following industry types:

  • Counterweight manufacturing;
  • Steel service centers;
  • Construction;
  • Agriculture equipment;
  • Heavy equipment and machinery; and
  • More.

We offer bulk supply steel coils. When you order from us, we not only provide quality steel coils but also do so in time to meet your project deadlines and meet your expectations.

Partner with Illinois Steel Supplier, IM Steel for Your Bulk Steel Coil Needs Today

Steel coils are an essential component for businesses in various industries. While you may not have a choice about the use of steel coils, you do have a choice about from where those steel coils come from. When you partner with Illinois-based IM Steel, you’re choosing a leading supplier of steel coils with a trusted reputation. We fill orders quickly from our Illinois facility, and always strive to deliver exactly what you’re looking for.

To learn more about our steel coils and what it’s like to work with us, please call us at 877-936-4500 or use the contact form on our website to request product and pricing information.

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