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Chicago Steel Plate Supplier

Chicago Steel Plate Supplier

Our Chicago Steel Plate Supplier Offers Secondary and Excess Prime Steel Plates Throughout North America

Steel plates are a basic commodity that companies in a variety of different industries rely upon to do business. In fact, steel plates are used in the construction industry for structural applications, by the U.S. military for machinery and equipment manufacturing, for appliance manufacturing, and much more. Indeed, without steel plates, America would hardly have the economic place in the world that it does today.

Because steel plates are so integral–and because their quality simply cannot afford to be compromised–it’s critical that your Chicago business finds a trusted steel plate supplier. Located just 50 miles south of Chicago and with the ability to delivery anywhere in North America, our steel plate supply company is ready to serve you.

We Work with Companies in Various Industries

We understand that different businesses in different industries have different needs, and we are proud to say that we partner with companies in various industries throughout the country, and have the resources and supplies to meet all companies’ needs. Some of the industries with which we frequently do business include:

  • Counterweight manufacturing;
  • Heavy equipment manufacturing;
  • Agricultural equipment manufacturing;
  • Construction; and
  • Steel service centers.

The list above is not inclusive; if your company demands steel plates, we can help. Reach us today to learn more about our products.

We Have Multiple Steel Plate Offerings

We offer a myriad of steel plates of different gauges, sizes, and weights. We also cut steel plates to length, with no drop to the customer – your satisfaction is our priority. A few facts to know about our steel plate offerings include:

  • We have flat mild steel plates;
  • Our inventory is updated regularly – we probably have what you need in stock;
  • Pricing is by weight;
  • Steel plates are subject to prior sale; and
  • You can see the list of steel plates (with relevant dimensions) that we have in stock right on our website.

Why Work with Chicago Steel Supplier, IM Steel, Inc.

If you’re looking for a steel plate supplier in Chicago, there are multiple reasons to choose IM Steel. First, our professionals are highly trained and skilled and have been working in the business for years, providing them with the experience they need to fully address your needs. Second, we have the ability to fill and stage any order within 24 hours of receiving it – this means that you will never have to deal with unreasonable delays in getting your steel plates delivered. Further, we are able to deliver anywhere within the United States by rail or truck, and, for our Chicago customers, delivery is fast as we are located right outside the city. We also carry many other steel products in addition to steel plates, such as steel billets, steel coils, steel pipes, and steel tubing.

Place Your Chicago Steel Plate Order Today

If you need to place a steel plate order for your Chicago business, we can help you get started. Please send us a message or call us directly at 877-936-4500. We are here to serve you.

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